Q. I've been told the pole system doesn't work as well as traditional methods, is this true?


A. This is a bit of an urban myth, the water we use with the pole system is purified so it will dry completely smear free. We frequently measure the purity off our water to ensure it is at the standard we require. By using the pole system we can work safely from the ground and minimise any risk to your property.


Q. What's included in the price?


A. When we call round to give you an exact quote we will talk you through everything that is included. As standard though we include all glass plus the window frames and sills.


Q. How regularly do you come round?


A. We operate on a 4 weekly rota to ensure we get to all our customers on schedule. Some of our customers like the excellent results of a 4 weekly clean others prefer that we do them every 8 weeks. Whatever your preference we are happy to accommodate. If needed we also can send out reminder texts a few days before we come.


Q. What if you come when I'm not in?


A. This is no problem, we simply leave you an invoice slip to let you know we have been round and cleaned your windows. Included on the slip will be all of our online banking details so you can make payment or our address if you prefer to send cash/cheque. As mentioned already we are happy to send reminder texts a few days before we are due to be round if you would prefer to be in when we call.


Q. How do i make payment?


A. Payment can be made either by online banking, cash or cheque.


Q. Do you clean inside windows?


A. Of course. Please speak to us if you would like a quote for also having the inside windows cleaned.


Q. Do you clean soffits and fascias?


A. Yes, our water fed poles are ideal for cleaning soffits, fascia's, guttering, solar panels, cladding, conservatory roofs etc. We are confident you will be very pleased with the results.


Q. My last window cleaner always turned up late, are you reliable?


A. Yes, it has taken us along time to build our reputation for being reliable and professional so we place a big importance on being reliable and on time. We work on a strict 4 weekly rota so you know when we are coming next.